Tapee River Bridge Lighting Project

- Mar 22, 2019-

Tapee River Bridge lighting project with led pixel ball in Thailand

Decorated with over 6 thousand lights, creating colorful bridges across the Tapee River.Use Shenzhen SH LED Technology Co.,Ltd, pixel ball light about 6200pcs, bridge lighting decoration has made the city in Thailand more beautiful.

bridge lighting

The bridge is 30 meters long, wide 8 meters, the highest point is 15 meters.

bridge lighting (2)

1. dmx ball is an extremely cost effective way to furnish eye catching video and graphics effects.

2. visual effect of the pixel spheres is remarkable. 

 Shenzhen SH LED Technology Co., Ltd help with the bridge lighting full set project solution support. 

bridge lighting

  The Tapee River Bridge lighting project in Thailand attract so many Sightseeing tourists come and take photo, full color programable led pixel light, added a different style.