The 4th Light Art Exhibition Ended Perfectly

- Nov 05, 2018-

With the theme of “Light and Shadow”, the show uses materials and wastes that are common in life, and ingeniously adds individual creative ideas to create unique lighting works, thus achieving the perfect integration of technology and art. Beautiful and beautiful lighting show. This visual feast is awe-inspiring. Just at the beginning of the event, it attracted nearly a thousand people to stop and watch, which shows the attraction of “light and shadow” to the human eye.

2 facade lighting

The students were from the School of Information Science and Engineering, School of Art and Design, School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation, School of Foreign Languages, School of Textile and Materials Engineering, School of Light Industry and Chemical Engineering, School of Management, Dalian University of Technology. , graduate school, etc. The United Nations has determined that May 16 this year is the first international day of light. This event is a tribute to the messenger who gave the first International Light Day!