The 5th Qianhai Bay Forum And Qianhai Bay Lighting Engineering Award Presentation Ceremony Came To An End

- Mar 25, 2021-

On March 19, 2021, the highly anticipated "Fifth Qianhai Bay Forum and Qianhai Bay Lighting Project Award Presentation Ceremony" was grandly opened in Shenzhen Dunhill International Hotel. As a member unit of this forum activity, Shenghong Optoelectronics attended the event.


At the Qianhai Bay Lighting Project Award Ceremony, Shenghong Optoelectronics won the "Excellent Participating Organization" award.



SH-LED is committed to the research and development and application development of LED point light sources. As one of the drafting units of LED point light source group standards, it gives full play to the technical advantages of LED point light sources, improves national standards and industry standards, and integrates night scene lighting LED point light sources and technical specifications Increase new mileage.



"Technical Requirements and Application of LED Point Light Sources for Night Scene Lighting" group standard, based on GB/T 1.1-2009 "Standardization Work Guidelines Part 1: Standard Structure and Compilation" and other national lighting standards, prepared by Shenzhen Lighting and Display The engineering association SLDA formulated and released. The standard standardizes and standardizes LED point light sources around term definitions, classifications, technical requirements, testing, applications and other related content, and carries out technical specifications for LED point light sources in the landscape lighting industry.