The Mall Ngamwongwan Lighting In Thailand

- Sep 09, 2019-

Project Name: The Mall Ngamwongwan Lighting in Thailand

Project Location: Nonthaburi, Thailand

Start Date: June, 2019

Completion Date: July, 2019


Project use lamps: SH-JD22 / Led grid screen

Number of lamps: 18 000 PCS

Control method: DMX

Voltage / Power: DC5V / 0.3W

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1. Nonthaburi, Thailand


The area of Nonthaburi is about 622.3 square kilometers, only about 20 kilometers from the capital Bangkok. Its territory is northeast of Pathum Thani and Ayutthaya; south of Bangkok; east of Pathum Thani and Bangkok; west of Nakhon Pathom.

Nonthaburi is established as one of the future economic growth centers and an important hub for trade, commerce and tourism. The landmarks of the city include the Nonthaburi City Hall and the important streets of Nonthaburi, including the water airport and the market.

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In addition, the city stands in the streets of the county of Nonthaburi, an important shopping venue, the central town center. As the area is located in the Bangkok metropolitan area, passengers can use the bus service of the Bangkok Mass Transit Authority or take a boat trip for water.

As night falls, various shapes decorated with LEDs will light up the entire night market. There are arched rainbow passages, colorful hot air balloons, Mickey Mouse, umbrella lights, Paris Tower and other shapes. It is very dazzling, absolutely taking photos, food, shopping, Punch resort.

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2. The shopping center The Mall Ngamwongwan landscape facade lighting project

The project is located at The Mall Ngamwongwan, a famous shopping mall in Nonthaburi, Thailand. The lamps are used for lighting decoration in the shopping mall. The design of the installation lamps is shaped. Taking into account the needs of the project's featured features and the flexibility of installation, offers SH-JD22 grid screen lighting solutions and supporting equipment.

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The modified project adopts the wire buckle installation method, the site can be flexibly adjusted, and in order to facilitate the smooth completion of the customer in advance, Shenzhen SH LED Technology Co., Ltd. assists the customer to install each small screen and do the details such as labels, and the site can be assembled directly according to the drawings.

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In addition, Shenzhen SH LED Technology Co., Ltd. engineers assisted in on-site debugging in a timely manner. The lamps were arranged in the form of media facade grids. The perfect combination of points, lines and surfaces, the combination of shopping malls, entertainment atmosphere and lighting animation effects, Shenzhen SH LED Technology Co., Ltd. products and supporting services All have won unanimous praise from customers.


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