Thinking About Lighting

- Feb 03, 2019-

"Thinking about the current lighting", this content is very extensive, and the specific content is below, namely, city, country, indoor, technology and society. I think that in just two hours, I can’t talk about such a huge content. It is also very beneficial to take a look at some of the phenomena in the lighting. First of all, the word "design" was not used before. It should be an imported word. We used to say "ingenuity" and the ingenuity may be design.

Jiang said, I used to do architectural design and interior design. I didn't work in lighting design for a long time, but I understood the lighting more deeply because I saw more of the role of light and spiritual content. This is super-detached in shallow form. Awareness. 

Although we are doing visual representation design, the sense of form is the first priority. Based on the fact that all visual design is the same, and the potential of cultural heritage, I have an unusual understanding of lighting design. In the past few years, everyone talked about the topic of “Lighting needs culture?” 

This topic is basically disappearing today because everyone recognizes the importance of carrier culture in the light environment. The light is the culture, the thing that is passed on to the inner world.