Wall Washer Production And Application

- Mar 31, 2021-

Advantages of LED wall washer:

Due to the rapid development of LED wall washer, it is currently widely used in outdoor lighting. LED wall washer has rich color changes, higher brightness, especially good waterproof performance, good power saving effect, long service life, and environmental protection. , To ensure the excellent performance of LED wall washer in the outdoor decorative lighting market.

LED wall washer production process:

1.  solder the LED lamp beads on the aluminum substrate with a soldering iron and a tin bar for use.

2. Then test the light on the welded board to see if there is any false welding or no light.

3. After the test is finished, put heat-dissipating silica gel on the back of the aluminum base plate, put the plate into the shell, and proceed to the next operation.

4. the preparation process is completed, the power supply is welded to the positive and negative poles of the aluminum substrate, and then the two ends are tied with tape for potting.

5. The glue-filled wall washer must be placed evenly and flat, not crooked or oblique.

6. the next day after the glue is poured or in the afternoon of the same day, you can remove the tape, glue and install the glass, and then install the two plugs of the wall washer.

7. Wiring after the wall washer is installed, the outlet interface is a male and female plug, which is convenient for installation.

8. The finished lamp can be used after the production is completed.

The role of LED wall washer:

LED wall washer lighting is a powerful part of the exterior of the building. The clever application of lighting in the interior space can create a warm mood and a unique atmosphere for each area. LED wall washer can effectively reduce the glare of the light and let The application of it on the exterior wall produces a fantasy effect, making the entire space look like a bird cage, an island in a dream.

LED wall washer application effect:

The blue light of the LED wall washer can be seen indoors and outdoors. The gradually evolving blue light can better reflect the structure and organic texture. The lighting effect of the LED wall washer is good, and the external light is used to form a strong inside. The contrast makes the internal light look warmer than it actually is.