What Are The Functions Of Point Light Sources?

- Aug 13, 2020-

What are the functions of point light sources, and what are the product characteristics and application scenarios?


A point light source is a pixel, and multiple point light sources are installed. Through system control, it can present a colorful light picture instead of the function of the display screen; at the same time, it can be a long distance between multiple buildings and shapes Synchronously cascade and cooperate with each other to present a very creative and beautiful light show. 

媒体立面 (68)

Therefore, the point light source of Lianman Optoelectronics is widely used in the production of large-area building vertex array screens, the wall lighting of the facade of the building, the outline of buildings, bridges and other buildings, and the lighting of parks, rivers and squares. Engineering etc.

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Under normal circumstances, the scenes used in led point light sources mainly include the following:

1. Outline the outline of buildings, viaducts and bridges;

2. The ground decoration and lighting of the city square;

3. Ground glass square display screen;

4. Decoration and lighting of amusement facilities such as Ferris wheel;

5. Outdoor advertising display, building display;

6. Landscape lighting of river courses and embankments;

7. Signs and logos;

8. The top of the building is decorated and brightened;

9. Decorative lighting of ancient buildings;

10. Special-shaped and personalized lamps have built-in light sources.

11. Outline of text and image lines;


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