What Does Grid Screen Mean? How To Install LED Grid Screen

- Jan 25, 2021-

As LED display technology matures, competition is becoming increasingly fierce in the fields of traditional small-pitch, indoor and outdoor advertising, and grille screens. The LED soft screen provides more choices and possibilities for the market, enriches the types and display methods of LED display products, and expands the field of creative soft screens.

Shenghong Optoelectronics LED soft screen is a kind of brightening video display level product, which can not only meet the needs of brightening decoration, but also can be used for image and video playback. It is also a large-spacing LED display, which is a splicable LED display module composed of LED light points, PC card strips, aluminum buckles, steel wires and other components. The dot pitch is between 35mm~100mm, and a large display area from tens of square meters to tens of thousands of square meters can be easily realized by splicing. In 1 large area display and creative display field, it has unparalleled advantages.

Grid screens are mainly used in scenes such as large building facades and glass curtain walls, creative design and urban landscape lighting. A suitable LED grid screen will be recommended according to the installation size, installation height, viewing distance, brightness requirements and project effects of the project.