What Is The Difference Between LED Grid Screen And LED Grille Screen

- Feb 01, 2021-

What is an LED grille screen?

The LED grille screen is a grid-shaped LED display screen composed of light bars. Because of its hollow form, it is also called a hollow screen. The dot pitch is generally between 12mm~80mm, and there are many display applications in the outdoor field.


What is LED grid screen?

The LED grid screen is a net structure connected by the lights of Lianman Light. It is a product of the lighting video display level, which can not only meet the needs of lighting decoration, but also can be used for text, image, and video playback. It is a product with a "large pitch" concept, with a dot pitch between 35mm and 200mm. It has unparalleled advantages in the field of large area display and creative display above 500m².


The following focuses on comparison from the following 5 aspects:

  1. Permeability

The spacing of the LED grid screen is generally above 35mm, and the permeability can be 40~90%, so the environmental integration is very high.

The LED grille  screen spacing is generally above 12.5mm, the permeability can only be 20~70%, and the environmental integration is relatively high.

  2. Artistic display effect

The LED grid screen has a very high artistic effect. Due to its flexibility and bending characteristics, it can adapt to almost any surface scene and various creative shapes.

The artistic effect of the LED grille  screen is general and not flexible. It is usually a conventional flat display, partly curved display, and more complicated spherical or curved shapes, which are more difficult to achieve.

  3. Installation and maintenance convenience

Easy installation of LED grid screen: hanging, sticking, small steel structure, single light string, single point maintenance, direct and quick replacement of functional auxiliary modules, front and back maintenance

LED grille  screen box installation, front installation, maintenance based on the box, front maintenance or rear maintenance

  4. weight

The LED grid screen is extremely light and thin, and the weight is generally 3~10KG/square meter, which is convenient and quick to transport and install.

The LED grille  screen is relatively light and thin, and the weight is generally above 12KG/m2.

  5. Application field

LED grid screens are generally used in building facades, glass curtain walls, cultural and tourism creativity, stage art, park squares and other fields.

LED grille  screens are generally used in outdoor fields, such as outdoor advertising large screens, street view advertising screens, landmark large screens, stadium screens and other fields.