LED Power Supply 100W For Facade Lighting

Architectural lighting led wall washer.Led wall washer controller adopts high-quality aluminum material and surface paint treatment process, which has good heat dissipation effect and good sealing performance. It effectively prevents dust and rain from entering the controller. The controller can flexibly change the speed and mode of the lamp according to the button.
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Led Power Supply 100W for Led Pixel Dot

1. Mean Well LPV-60/100/150-12/24 is a constant current Class 2 LED Power Supply adapter.

2. Constant voltage design

3. Universal AC input/ Full range

4. Withstand 300vac surge input for 5second

5. Protections: Short circuit /Over load /Over voltage

6. Cooling by free air convection

7. Fully encapsulated with IP67 level (Note.8)

8. Fully isolated plastic case

9. Class 2 power unit, no FG

10. Class 2 power unit

11. Pass LPS

12. Suitable for LED lighting and moving sign application (Note.7)

13. 100% full load burn-in test

14. Low cost, high reliability

15. 2-5 years warranty

0 Meanwell led power supply

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facade lighting (2)

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