DMX Signal LED Light Splitter

DMX Signal LED Light Splitter

Quick Details Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland) Brand Name:LTECH ArtNet-DMX-8 Model Number:ArtNet-DMX-8 Type:Manual Switch Max. Load Power:144w 288w Voltage:AC100-240V (with a power adaptor) Product name:ArtNet-DMX converter Input signal:ArtNet/DMX512 Output signal:DMX512 working...
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Complete intelligent lighting control system, in addition to intelligent lighting control system software, intelligent lighting control terminal and other core software and hardware equipment, should also be equipped with a complete master control center. 

SH C01 DVI Controller (2)

There are two main types of main control centers, one is Jia Fuxin's intelligent lighting control cloud platform, and the other is self-built master control center. When the intelligent lighting control cloud platform of Jia Fuxin is adopted, 

SH C01 DVI Controller (3)

the cumbersome and arduous maintenance workload of the user can be eliminated, and the management, maintenance and upgrade of the main control center can be fully managed; 

when the self-built main control center, the user needs to purchase the server, etc. The equipment, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance, puts high demands on the professional skills of the staff.

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Performance Features *Based on Artnet protocol network data communication, accept network DMX data. *Can set two different IP address in each controller. *Set different network segments to avoid multiple sets Artnet data interference. *Manage Artnet on broadcast mode or unicast mode. *Standard 1U(19" ) chassis architecture, convenient installation in the standard cabinet. *With LCD screen display, convenient operation intuitive settings *Provides 8 standard DMX512 data output port and can output total 8×512 data. *Compatible with the light software based on Artnet Protocol, control stage lighting and LED lighting simultaneously.


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