UCS1903 LED Pixel T-1000s LED Controller

Features: 2048 Pixels capacity. 256 Gray,Gamma correction processing software. Support the rules and special-shaped handle. Controller, a port output, may bring 1024/2048 light.
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Product Details

Digital LPD6803 SPI T-1000s Led Controller

The LED controller series is an RGB three-color intelligent dimming controller dedicated to LED lighting. It adopts advanced computer control chip and the most advanced PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) digital brightness adjustment technology; it can be remotely controlled by IR/RF. Distance dimming; can meet the lighting needs of different time periods and different environments of commercial or home lighting, extend LED life, save energy; have the advantages of convenient wiring and simple use, according to the actual needs of customers, can realize the effect of light change such as jump and gradual change.


Memory card:

type:SD card


Store file:led

Physical parameters:

Working temperature :-30-85degree celsius

Working voltage:DC5V / DC7.5-24V

Working power:3W



Signal port:3pin connect port

led controller (1)

led controller (2)

dmx pixel light (2)

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